Why brochures are great for business

As we formulate our marketing plans for the rest of 2019, direct marketing, and how to execute it, is always a pressing concern. When a marketing activity involves a significant budget – direct campaigns are often more costly than those run online – it is always worth due consideration in terms of how to go about securing a return on investment.

While it is all too easy to create an email marketing campaign, and put your faith in the hope that the recipients on your database are ‘inbox-centric’, the value of a physical, tangible marketing hit has not lost its potency – this is especially true when it comes to the brochure.

Here are our top 4 advantages of using brochures for business:

There’s room to provide all the detail you need

One of the plus points of brochure printing is the added space it provides for businesses wishing to detail the full scope of their services. Taking out an advertisement in a newspaper, or even designing a postcard or letter for direct mail purposes, can force companies to cram ‘top line’ information into their pitch, often requiring the reader to visit their website for a full explanation of an offer. By designing your own leaflet or brochure, you decide what goes in.

The ability to mass produce

If your company attends many trade shows, conferences and exhibitions, you will recognise how quickly a big box of brochures can disappear. The advantages of having an annual brochure in standard format is that you can order a bulk batch which can last you for months and even years.

As any marketing manager knows, budget is often the spanner in the works that can derail your strategies, and brochure printing in bulk can solve the problem.

A brochure is highly versatile

Versatile marketing tools fit a number of purposes and can ultimately save your department and company money. Brochures fit this description, as they are just as suitable for leaving on the coffee table in your company’s reception, as they are to send to a potential client through the post or hand out at an industry event.

If you are specifically looking for versatility, then ask your designer to show you templates suitable for a variety of purposes.

A great brochure design makes all the difference

Aside from the content itself, the designs you consider for marketing brochures for your business, as well as the layout, can have a massive bearing on the campaign itself. Whether you opt for a classic trifold design, or perhaps a custom shape that is intended to grab the attention of recipients, you should explore all the possible options before going to print.

Brochure printing should answer to the type of services your business offers. For example, financial services firms might be tempted to ask their designers to create a more professional look, settling on a trifold or centre fold design. Those promoting an event or new product might plump for a radical design, in line with the way they wish to lay out content.

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