Are business cards still relevant in 2021

Innovation in all business environments appears to get more rapid by the day, perhaps making you wonder whether some forms of marketing and advertising are still effective. That may be true in some cases, but printed business cards are not amongst those – v

Business cards are still a great marketing tool

There are many kinds of marketing that a company can employ to boost their sales and reinforce their brand – and direct marketing is a popular and effective marketing tool. Well, marketing doesn’t get any more direct than physically handing your business card to a potential client!

It is a great way to introduce yourself and creates an instant platform for interaction and conversation – so the design and quality of your business card printing is important. A good business card will inform the receiver of all the important information about you and your business – your name, company name and all contact information such as office and mobile phone numbers, e-mail and website addresses, along with how to access all other social media platforms used by your business.

Business cards create a professional image

Everybody in business knows the importance of first impressions – and that is why a good, well-designed, and professional-looking business card is so important! In all face-to-face business environments – conferences, meetings, business conventions or fayres, networking events – the business card is the most prominent item being passed around.

When it comes to business card printing, it is worth spending a little extra on an effective, relevant design and quality materials – if you do not have a business card, or your card is made of cheap materials, people may consider you ‘unprofessional’ – and will automatically assume that your product and service is the same!

Much as you would ensure that you were appropriately, smartly dressed for a business event then your marketing materials should equally reflect that image!

Quality business cards are an advert to demonstrate to potential clients or customers that you are a professional and they can trust you with their business.

Business cards are likely to be the first item a future client receives

It is likely that the first item your potential client receives from you is that all-important business card. We have already looked at the impact of first impressions, but remember also, that this is the item that this client will take away with them from the meeting or event!

You may have had a positive meeting with a prospective new client, but if you do not leave them a business card, they may well not have recorded your contact details and the follow-up meeting you have worked hard for doesn’t materialise! A business card will act as a regular physical reminder of the discussions you had and a prompt for the client to contact you in the future.

Business cards are portable and light, making them easy to use – a well-designed business card drawn from a smart card case will always present a professional impression. Investing in quality business card design and printing will provide your business with a professional marketing tool that will prove effective in many different business arenas.

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