A quick guide to getting your wedding invitations right

Your wedding day is a hugely important event in your life so, naturally, you want to ensure that the day is properly arranged, and everything goes to plan! One of the biggest aspects of organising a wedding is the wedding stationery – especially the wedding invitation printing!

It is important that the wedding invites are printed in time and provide all the information needed for your guests to be able to reply and prepare for your big day.

Here are some of the aspects that sometimes get overlooked in the preparations and that you should ensure you get right on your invitations:

Your wedding invitations should include the right start time

Whilst this may seem an obvious thing to be accurate about, some people worry that guests will turn up late, so they put an earlier time on the wedding invites than the actual ceremony start. This is NOT a good idea – people are generally aware that they should arrive earlier than the stated time for a wedding – after all, they don’t want to miss the arrival of the bride and the walk down the aisle!

If your ceremony starts at 3 p.m. then your guests will normally arrive between 2:30 and 2:45 – if you state an earlier time on the wedding invitation, then people could be waiting around for an hour or more!

Include wedding location, date and other relevant information

Again, this may seem obvious, but ensure that ALL the necessary information is included on the invitation – specify the location, date, and time of the ceremony along with any relevant information on the reception location and timings. Remember also to specify the dress code for the events – it is a good idea to also provide a link to your wedding website if you have one.

Send your wedding invites out on time 

When ordering your wedding stationery ensure that you have left sufficient time for the invitations to be printed and despatched to your guests – allow AT LEAST eight weeks prior to your wedding to mail your invitations – this will give your guests time to RSVP and make any arrangements (travel, childcare, accommodation) that they may need to attend your big day. If your wedding is to be held in a foreign destination allow a minimum of twelve weeks notice for your guests.

Your invites should include an RSVP date

Always include an RSVP reply date on your wedding invites – allow your guests three to four weeks to inform you of their attendance or otherwise. The RSVP date should be a MINIMUM of two weeks before the event to allow accurate headcount and instructions to your caterer and organiser. Include instructions for your guests on HOW to reply – include a pre-addressed envelope (and stamp) to send their reply or give your guests an alternative reply option such as e-mail address, phone number or the address of any other social media platform you may be using.

You should be clear on whom is invited

Ensure that your wedding invites are clear on the people actually invited to the event – if it is a couple only you are inviting use “Mr and Mrs XXX” – if you are inviting the couple and their children, use “The XXX Family” or “Mr and Mrs XXX and the children’s individual names underneath”. If you are inviting an individual and an unnamed guest use, “plus Guest” on both the envelope and the invitation itself.

It is always a good idea to meet with your printer in plenty of time prior to your planned wedding to ensure that the wedding invitation printing, and any other wedding stationery, is properly arranged and includes all the necessary information for your guests to enjoy your special day to the full.

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