How to use print to boost customer retention

Most business mangers and owners will tell you that the best business, no matter what your corporate sector, is repeat and referral business. In order to generate repeat business from existing customers – and for them to recommend your services to others – you must offer one important thing – customer satisfaction!

Whatever service you offer you must keep the customer satisfied – here are some tips on achieving that satisfaction and encouraging loyalty and repeat business for your company through effective use of print marketing:

  • Loyalty schemes are a cost effective way to retain customers
  • Customer surveys gauge customer satisfaction
  • Custom uniform boosts brand visibility
  • Print can create positive customer experiences
  • Special events can make customers feel important

Loyalty schemes are a cost effective way to retain customers

Many supermarkets and other businesses have been running loyalty schemes for many years and reaping the benefits of returning customers through these schemes. Introducing loyalty cards for your customers is a proven cost-effective way to retain business from existing clients or customers.

Offering customers a loyalty card allows you to incentivise customers to continue to trade with you by rewarding them with either gifts or free or subsidised services based upon their purchases from you. The cost of printing and producing these cards is minimal against the return they will yield in repeat business!

Customer surveys gauge customer satisfaction

It is always important to be aware of how your customers feel about the service you are providing – conducting a customer survey is an effective way to gauge your customers’ satisfaction or otherwise. Not everybody wants to be faced with a huge list of questions on a sheet immediately after they have finished their business with you, but you can issue them with a well- designed and printed business card which directs them to your website or other social media platform at their leisure on which they can complete a simple questionnaire.

Offering them an incentive to fill in the form, such as entry into a prize draw or a subsidised service next time they shop with you, will always boost the response and numbers of those participating.

Custom uniform boosts visibility and incentivises staff

Promotional printing can be used to incentivise your own staff as well as having the ‘knock-on’ effect for customers. Introducing a staff uniform creates a unity and a sense of belonging in employees – it helps them feel part of a team and more appreciated. Printed custom t-shirts will introduce a smart and inclusive appearance to your staff – and happy employees are statistically proven to be more productive in their work.

A uniform can unite your staff as well as creating a more professional image and making employees more recognisable and accessible to your customers.

There are many ways print can create positive experiences

Creating a positive experience for your customers whenever they visit your premises will always reap dividends. One way you can create this positive experience is by offering ‘giveaways’ to your customers – this creates a positive image of your brand for your customers and encourages repeat business.

If you regularly host competitions with ‘giveaways’ then customers will regularly want to avail themselves of the chance to win. You can be clever with your giveaway prizes – make them something that, not only benefits the customer, but also potentially produces business for your own printing services. Prizes that lend themselves to customisation or promotional printing can benefit both parties – offer items with your brand and logo already printed on, such as t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags.

People will use these items every day and be out and about reinforcing your brand and name wherever they are seen – it is a form of free advertising for your business!

Special events can make customers feel important

Inclusive events can be highly-effective in gaining new, and retaining existing, customers or clients. Be they business or social events, company functions such as a VIP night, a business fayre or a social company picnic with invited customers will make them feel special and appreciated.

Produce spectacular, high-end printed invitations – with a space for a hand-written personal message – and despatch them to selected customers and you will automatically generate that feeling of inclusivity and importance for those invited and further bond them to your brand and services.

Employing these ideas should help give your business the customer retention boost you are looking for!  

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