Is your business hungry for change? Printed Menus are the way to go…

Visiting a restaurant with friends or family is a feeling that we all know and love. Picking out the best seat, the atmosphere and most importantly the menu. So, ensure that choosing food and drinks are as seamless as possible with eye-catching and clearly printed menus.

So, what’s the benefit of detailed, printed menus in contrast to digital or overhead menus? Having a physical list of options makes scanning through food choices a lot less daunting. With both the small-screened format and the unreliability of technology constantly weighing on us as consumers, printed menus are more practical and make selecting delicious meals much less stressful and ensure a more enjoyable user experience is attained.

Aside from the practical benefit of printed menus, there are plenty of emotive reasons why you should consider your menus to be a top priority. By handing your guests a physical copy of your menu, you’re creating a brand experience, with the menus being one of their first lasting impressions and your delicious meals being the last. By designing menus that align with your brand identity, you are personalising the user experience and tailoring your restaurant to a particular consumer. For more information please visit:

One way of which this can be achieved is through the addition of meticulously designed table talkers. As a visual marketing technique, they are one of the best and long-lasting forms of internal advertisement you can literally ‘bring to the table.’ Table talkers stand alone on the table and display unique restaurant or menu information, so your consumers can view what your business has to offer, regardless of where they are sitting. With this in mind, consider printed menus a must-have for your restaurant and make your delicious meals shine!

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