Leaflet printing – how to create the perfect message

If you’re looking at producing leaflets as part of your marketing campaign, you need to give some serious thought to the message you are wanting to convey. You need to consider the length of the message, the content of the message and how the message with work with the leaflet design.

We at Yellow Print understand the importance of making the right impression. We have come up with our guide for how to create the perfect message when it comes to leaflet printing. Take a look:

Know your audience

There’s no point working on a message without first understanding who you are sending that message to. Give thought to your target audience by asking the following questions;

  • what’s their gender?
  • what’s their average age?
  • are they new or existing?
  • how does my business work for them?
  • and what do they usually like about my business/product?

Choose your leaflet printing style

There are many ways to fold a leaflet – and this can affect the overall layout and design. By choosing your style, you can help to better organise your content. At Yellow Print, we have the following folded leaflet options:

  • A3 Folded to A4
  • A4 Folded to A5
  • A4 Folded to 3 Panels

Keep the messaging short and sweet

You want to keep the messaging to the point – so make sure there isn’t any unnecessary waffle. Your audience wants to be able to see the overall message quickly and efficiently so they can then act on it. If the message is too long or convoluted, they may not get to the end and then you’ve lost a potential customer or sale.

Ensure an active response

The best way to achieve an active response from your target audience is to have a clear call to action on the leaflet design.  It needs to be clear what you want the consumer to do at the end of reading the leaflet, whether that’s visit your website, give you a call or purchase something.

The devil is in the design

Once you have the messaging agreed, you need to make sure the design works to pull out key elements for optimum stand out. Consider your use of colour, font styles, font size, imagery, and other design elements very carefully. Make sure the elements work together to tell the overall story, creating a good overall flow to highlight relevant information. We would recommend you look at a few different leaflet design options before deciding on the final one to make sure the whole leaflet works effectively and flows fluidly before you embark on mass leaflet printing.

Ask for help

Of course, we at Yellow Print understand that not everyone has the skills or the technology to create their own leaflet designs; which is why we have an in-house team who can help. We can look at the design, the artwork, the set-up, you name it! We can help! Simply email us your brief and/or files and we’ll reply with a quote for the design work. See our design page for more information. 

At Yellow Print we offer a good range of printed products, including Folded Leaflets and Flyers. We are proud to serve our local community with a high reputation for fast turnaround of job, understanding the brief and eye for detail that is so important in the world of print. So, if you are in the market for some new letterheads, we’ll be happy to help! Give us a call on: 020 8875 0332 or email us: info@yellowprint.co.uk.

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