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When designing a poster, be it for a corporate advertising or marketing campaign, or an individual event or occasion, it will have to be eye-catching and make an impact. The more vibrant and unique you can make it, the better result you will get from your poster.

Posters are a very effective form of advertising – once in place, they are unavoidable – people see them every day and the message and image the poster carries will lodge with them subconsciously! That’s one of the many reasons you should consider poster printing for your business promotions. Getting the design of your poster correct is vital – it is a generally held belief that half the effectiveness of any poster campaign is down to the creative design.

Here are some aspects you should consider before placing your commercial poster printing order:


The positioning of your product, or service, on the poster itself, will largely determine the success and impact of your campaign.


The headline and the message itself must register with viewers in one-to-two seconds. The message must be easy to understand and easily remembered. You should consider that any message you convey should be clear and concise, relevant and significant.


Use only a few words in your poster design – you should aim for a maximum of ten! Avoid the use of any non-essential text.

Font size

Consider what font size to use in your poster – it should be a simple font that makes text easy to read from up to ten metres.


Your poster design must be easy to take in at first glance. The visual balance of your poster is important so, use a high contrast of dark on light and ensure any colours used are complementary.


Any text content should be framed with adequate blank space, so that the organization of the information is clear and logical.


The main purpose of your poster is to attract people to your message and business or event – ensure that any relevant logo or branding is clearly defined and easily recognizable.


Consider where the poster is to be displayed and the people who are typically going to see it. You want your poster to reach as many of your target audience as possible, so choose placements where both visibility and accessibility are good.

It is worth noting that there are other non-commercial aspects of placement you should consider also – if, for example, your poster will be seen by passing traffic, ensure that the imagery doesn’t contain signage, or directional elements, that may confuse or distract drivers.

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