How print marketing enhances your customer experience

Print marketing is one of the most effective tools used in corporate marketing strategy – businesses of all sizes and sectors view printing services as a reliable and affordable marketing vehicle.

With one of the most important aspects of marketing being the establishment and maintenance of your company brand – and how your customers experience that brand – printing services have had to adapt to the digital world of marketing.

Here are some ways in which print helps to create that all-important customer experience:

Print marketing reinforces your brand story

The essence of customer experience is to create that impression that you make on your customer at every point of their ‘buying journey’ – how it makes them feel and whether it is a positive or negative experience – that is what will dictate whether they become regular customers or go elsewhere in future!

One of the most important elements of your brand is the story behind it – what makes your business different from your competitors – you want to create something that your customer cares about and wants to personally ‘invest’ in!

Use your print marketing to reinforce your brand’s key messages about your business – something that your customer can relate to and makes it feel personal to them.

QR codes can make your print interactive

Today’s customers are technologically comfortable and adept, so create a link from your online and your print marketing channels. Consider using QR codes to link your social media and website platforms to your printed marketing materials – engaging your customers with an interactive link automatically involves your customer with your brand.

Get creative in how you use print

You can get creative with your printed merchandise – direct mail is highly effective in both initial acquisition and retention so, by tailoring your mail to match your customer’s experience you can increase your customer base.

Print can make us stop and think

We can all cite examples of an advertising campaign that has made us stop and think – an advert that you find humorous or thought provoking. Create printed marketing materials that make the customer ‘work’ a little – the fact they are still considering the message after seeing the merchandise means they have taken notice of your brand.

Printed materials can be highly useful

Offering customers something useful always has a positive effect and enhances customer experience – printed merchandise such as calendars, notebooks and tote bags are all practical items that your customers will appreciate – as well as spreading your printed brand image as they use the items daily!

Print can build loyalty

Reward schemes are a great way to enhance your customers’ buying experience – initiatives such as issuing loyalty cards are a cheap and easy way of increasing customer value and encourage them to return on a regular basis.

If you create printed merchandise that can make a customer stop and think, feel valued and influence what and how often they buy from you, then your marketing campaign is enhancing their customer experience and your business is benefitting!

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