How To Choose Printing Services In London

All businesses market their products and services in many ways – and printed marketing material plays a large part in most companies advertising campaigns. It is important that any printed marketing bearing your name and brand should look the part – you want it to look professional and high quality, thus projecting the image that your company’s products are of the same positive qualities.

Choosing a print service company to produce your marketing materials is, therefore, an important decision – here are some things you should consider when selecting printing services in London to create that positive impression of your brand:

Check for quality of work

When sourcing appropriate printing services, it is always advisable to check for yourself beforehand the quality of any of the print shop’s work. Their marketing may promise excellent services and print products, but you should always seek out samples of their final products.

Any reputable print company will showcase samples of their work on their website or other social media platforms – check these out for yourself and then follow that up by visiting the print shop premises and see a selection of their actual hard copy printed products.

You should look at aspects such as the colour consistency, text clarity and accuracy, and quality of the materials they use – if they satisfy your standards then you will feel more confident in placing a print order with them!   

What range of products do you require?

Does this specific print shop cater for all your printing requirements? Confirm the range of printing they produce – if you require business cards, brochures, flyers, catalogues, and booklets ask to see samples of each of the merchandise you are going to need.

Check whether they can print on materials other than paper products – you may want banners, stickers, magnets or other printed marketing merchandise – ensure this print shop can provide your exact needs before opting to use them.

Excellent customer service matters

Always confirm the customer service levels of your selected print shop – do they listen to your requirements and, importantly, provide acceptable timescales for print turnaround and delivery? Do they offer a same day printing service? Ensure that they will communicate effectively and regularly with you to confirm the progress of any order you have placed.

Research for reputation

Perform as extensive research on the company as you can – check online reviews of the print shop from existing and previous customers. If the reviews are positive and consistent then that will solidify the credibility of the company in the printing market, and you can feel more assured of their products and service. 

Look for competitive and relevant pricing

The cost and pricing of your printing is always an important consideration – if considering more than one print shop to handle your business, ensure that any direct comparisons are ‘like-for-like’ with regards to cost, quality and service. Choose a print provider that is appropriate for your budget and will deliver the quality you want at an affordable price and make a ‘balanced’ decision – choosing a print shop based purely on a cheaper price may not be a cost-effective decision in the long-term if the print quality is poor!

Do the necessary research on the print companies you are considering and take the time to ensure you opt for the best printing service for your needs – your printed materials reflect directly on your business so ensure yours accurately represents your products and services.

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