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Many businesses these days market their products and services through social media, apps, and other digital platforms. That doesn’t mean, though, that more ‘traditional’ marketing vehicles are not still hugely effective! The fact is, that printed marketing materials have a considerable impact in building business trust and relationships with customers, as well as establishing and reinforcing brands.

Here are some examples of printed promotional options that will boost your business:

Poster printing

Poster printing is an effective way to promote special offers in your business. They can be used indoors, or outside, to inform and entice customers into your business premises.

Cost effective

Poster printing is cost effective, especially when compared with costs of other marketing media such as advertising in newspapers or magazines.

Add flexibility and variety

Posters provide you with a variety of options in form, shape and size. They can be produced on paper, PVC (ideal for outdoor advertising) or other materials and can be incorporated into A–Frames of any size.

Constant brand exposure

Posters will give your business continuous exposure – potential customers will see them for as long as you leave them up – all for the initial cost of design and printing.

High visibility almost anywhere

They can be displayed almost anywhere, and are ideal for ‘local’ advertising where your business is situated and in the community from which you may draw the majority of your customers.

Booklet printing

A very effective, but often under-utilised, tool for marketing is the printed booklet. Booklet printing can be very cost effective and there are a host of different booklet applications that could benefit your business.

Product catalogues

Catalogues and brochures are great to be able to hand out at a trade fair or business exhibition, and gives your potential customer a physical hard copy of your products to take home and act as a regular reminder of your product and brand. They’re also effective marketing tools if mailed out to existing or potential new customers.

Theatre programmes

People usually like to have a souvenir of special events they’ve enjoyed, like a trip to the theatre. Programmes provide the relevant information about the event – but also serve as that special keepsake souvenir that allows people to look back on the occasion.

Branded magazines

Shoppers regularly collect these free magazines from their favourite retail outlets. Magazines that provide promotional offers, as well as interesting reading content, will be kept and referred to over and over again.

Corporate manual

Many organisations issue their employees with staff handbooks containing employment rules and regulations, along with staff procedures and working terms and conditions.

Activity books

Booklet printing is ideal for producing activity workbooks. Playgroups, nurseries and family-friendly pubs and restaurants, all make use of colouring and puzzle books to keep children entertained.

Leaflet printing

Leaflet printing is ideal for producing advertising literature for promotional offers or events. If you are promoting a new business or you want to inform people of a special promotion your business is offering, then leaflets and flyers are the perfect vehicles.

  • Leaflets and flyers come in a range of different sizes, typically from A3 to A7.
  • There are a number of different styles and formats to choose from – single fold, letter fold, concertina fold and gatefold.
  • People always pay more attention to advertising they can touch – leaflets and flyers are guaranteed to get the attention of everyone who receives one.

Yellow Print

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