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A vital part of any business is it’s marketing, advertising, and promotion. Restaurants need to get their name and location known to people to attract customers and build their business and reputation. Printed marketing materials can play a large and important role in establishing a restaurant’s name and brand – here are some aspects to consider when organising your restaurant and menu printing

All restaurants need high quality menus

The most obvious of any printing requirements for a restaurant is the menu. ALL restaurants need a well-designed and attractive menu for customers, both for those dining-in and for those who may want to take a copy for future reference or, perhaps, recommendation for others.

Your menu should match the theme and reflect the style, ambience, and physical aesthetic of your restaurant. The look of your menus offers an immediate impression of the quality your business is offering, so it is important that it looks – and feels – high-end!

Your printing company can help you with the design and you should consider using quality materials for your menu printing. High-grade papers and laminated finishes can add that touch of quality to your restaurant printing.

Your logo establishes your company reputation

Whether you have an established reputation and high-street presence or are a new venture, your company brand and logo is important. Again, your printing company will be able to assist you in creating an effective design for your logo if you don’t already have one. Once designed, making the most effective use of that logo will reinforce your brand and boost your business.

Consider asking your print company to reproduce your logo on all your printed merchandise – your menus, all your marketing materials and even your staff uniforms can display this image.  

There are many ways to use print marketing

There are many ways to market and advertise your restaurant outlet and your restaurant printing can play an important role in promoting your business. Printed flyers are both an economical and effective marketing tool. They are ideal for advertising special deals or promotions such as early evening or daytime options or perhaps specific “all-you-can-eat” or similar deals.

Printed window stickers are another effective advertising option – bright, well-designed window graphics will attract attention from passers-by turning casual footfall into customers in your restaurant. Window graphics can display special offers and chef deals – they are easy to apply and remove so are ideal for temporary offers or, alternatively, can form an attractive permanent feature of your restaurant window display.

It is always a worthwhile exercise to discuss with your chosen printing company the different options for the most effective use of the many different forms of printed marketing and advertising materials – they will be able to advise and assist in both the design and application of your restaurant printing requirements. 

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