How small businesses benefit from professional business stationery

Businesses of all sizes and sectors use many different methods and vehicles of communication to network and engage with, and grab the attention of, potential clients or customers from digital messaging to different printed materials. Amongst those communication vehicles used is personalised business stationery – here are some aspects you should think about when considering your business stationery printing requirements:

Consistent branding will make your stationery instantly recognisable

Whichever form of contact you are sending to your business connections you need it to be instantly recognisable as your company and brand. Every letter you send out should carry a custom letterhead clearly displaying your company’s logo and name – preferably in a font consistent with all your other company marketing materials used on your website and social media outlets.

Business cards, compliment slips and any other marketing or advertising materials you employ should all carry the same consistent branding image and representation. This branding consistency reinforces your company name and image with every item seen by your clients constantly reminding them of your presence.

Business stationery is easy to design and utilise

Branded stationery is easy to design – your local printers will provide personalised business stationery templates that can be used to produce letterheads, business cards, compliment slips and even envelopes.

All you need to do is apply your own brand images, logo, company name and colours to the templates provided to produce your unique branded stationery. All your personalised business stationery should contain your contact details – your email address, social media handles and telephone numbers.

Make a strong impression with a highly professional image

All businesses need to make a good first impression – even more important if you are a small business vying for clients or customers. There may be many people, as yet, unaware of your name and brand so making a good initial impression is the way to get your business noticed and, importantly, remembered – personalised business stationery is a great vehicle for creating that initial impression!

Your potential clients will be given the impression of a professional business that cares about, and is proud of, its’ product or service and, just as importantly, of the recipients of their branded stationery!

Stationery makes your contact details easy to find

Whichever form of personalised stationery you use – business cards, letters, compliment slips or other – they are forms of networking tools with other companies so, it is vital that they display the most important feature – your contact details!

Ensure all these printed materials clearly display your phone number, email address and, on letterheads, your business postal address, along with an important, and often overlooked feature, your name!

Business stationery is hugely effective because it is ‘concrete’ – unlike an email or social media communication, it is a physical item that is harder to ignore or lose!

Flexible communication that will be remembered

Whilst digital communication has many benefits and advantages an email, for example, can be easily lost or overlooked in the plethora of messages delivered to a business every day – statistics show that the average office worker receives in excess of 100 emails daily!

Clients receiving a handwritten compliment slip, as opposed to a faceless email, will appreciate it more and the personalised business stationery will have a bigger impact and be remembered longer.

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