Tips For Designing A Professional Business Flyer

Whether you trying to promote your business, a product, service or an event, one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising is the printed promotional flyer. You will want a business flyer that is both eye-catching and stylish.

Here are some useful tips to consider when designing your promotional flyers:

Remember content is king

The main function of your promotional flyer is to attract attention to its message and then convert that interest to sales. Whilst you want it to look great, remember that the content has to be right. Make the information clear, concise and easy to read. Ensure the contact details and essential information is instantly, and clearly, displayed and accessible.

Design your flyer in grids

One of the most difficult aspects of business flyer design is the restriction on space, so you need to think creatively to make the most of it. Try creating ‘grids’ to compartmentalise the space, but vary the size, and possibly the shape, of them to make the design ‘less rigid’ and keep the design interesting.

Keep your flyer simple but interesting

Depending on the product, event or service you are promoting, and the prospective audience, sometimes an understated approach is the right one to take. Try to design an aesthetic that is minimal and professional – but that doesn’t mean you have to make it bland or boring!

You can inject your flyer with spirit and fun, as well as style, depending on who you trying to appeal to.

Use clear visuals

They say pictures paint a thousand words – so make the most of any photos or illustrations you want to include. You will, inevitably, only have a small space to work with, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose between text and image – they can work with each other! Sit attractive images behind any text you’re displaying to create an interesting and appealing layered design to your flyer.

Use shapes

If you’re including multiple images on your business flyer then try experimenting with different shapes in which to present them to create a ‘modular’ style. It will add to the attraction and interest of your flyer.

Consider the use of colour

The colours you use will help define the mood and personality of your flyer. You want your flyer to be eye-catching, and therefore picked up – so use attractive colours appropriate for the tone of the content. Bright, vibrant colours for informal, fun design and cooler blues and greys if you’re after a more intellectual and serious audience.

Make it attractive enough to keep

Just because print flyers can be produced cheaply, it doesn’t mean they have to LOOK cheap. Often printed on low-grade, low-quality paper a lot of promotional flyers are quickly discarded to the bin – that’s not where you want your flyer to be! Ensure you design a flyer that, not only gets your message across, but is attractive enough for people to want to hold on to – maybe pinned up in the office or home for future reference. Design it like a mini-poster with strong images and good colours, with a simple and attractive layout.

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