Top Tips To Create The Perfect Business Banner

Of the many different forms of marketing and advertising employed by companies, one of the most traditional – and still highly effective – vehicles, is that of business banner printing! There is much competition with different signage and marketing forms trying to grab our attention, so it is important to make YOUR banner stand out from the rest – here are some tips as to how to make that happen:

Make sure you communicate a precise message

Be sure of the purpose of your business banners – what do you want your perfect business banner to achieve? Banner printing can be a great tool for increasing brand awareness, marketing a new product or service, advertising an upcoming sale or event, or just highlighting your company and raising awareness. Whatever the reason, ensure that you know your purpose because that will dictate the design and look – and therefore the impact – of your business banner. 

Research the best placement and impact

Having designed your banner you need to consider its’, or their, placements – where will your business banner be most effectively displayed? Where will grab the most attention of your target audience and where will it have the greatest impact in general? These are all important considerations, along with the physical surroundings of your banner once positioned – you need your business banner to be prominent and stand out from its’ environment so that it draws the focus of attention from potential customers.

Consider your colours

It is important to consider your use of colour for your banner design – choose the appropriate colour associations for your product or service and consider the contrast and its’ effect of the colours you choose. You may want to highlight certain items or images in a particular colour by use of a contrasting border that draws a viewer’s attention. If your company is associated with specific colours in its’ branding and other marketing, then ensure they are included in your banner design and reproduced in the same shades as your overall branding, so they are instantly recognisable to your audience.

Consider also, some colours work better reproduced on specific materials – PVC banners may work better with different colours than on paper or fabric advertising.  

Choose images carefully

Whichever images you are incorporating into your banner design, be it photographs or graphics, ensure they are of HIGH QUALITY – some printed images can look grainy or blurred when reproduced, so ensure you use images of a quality that will appear sharp and clear when subjected to banner printing.

Your text should be clear

There are two main considerations with the text on business banners – firstly, ensure all text can be visible and readable from a distance! Choose a font that is familiar to most and present it in bold type – and test the designs’ readability from different distances before going to banner printing stage. The second aspect to consider here is to ensure your banners’ message is CONCISE – your potential customer may only see your banner in passing with no real time to study it carefully, so your banner must convey its’ message clearly and concisely to ensure that it fits within a potentially short attention span.

Ensure you have a focal point

Give your business banner a definite focal point – as we’ve said, it may only be viewed by many for a few seconds, so ensure that the banner design draws attention for these few precious seconds to its’ main message. The focal point may be text, an image, or a brand logo – so long as it grabs the attention of a viewer and conveys the image and message you need it to. Creating contrast is one method of achieving this, but it may also be as simple as going big with the image or highlighting a specific feature of the banner by emboldening the text/image or underlining it!

Quality is important

An important consideration in your banner printing and design is quality – ensure you use quality materials. Consider the location and environment your banner is going to occupy and choose appropriate materials – if it is to be in an indoor location, the banner would look sharp printed in most materials – if, however, your banner is to be displayed in an outdoor location, then ensure you use materials such as PVC banners, that are more hardy, weatherproof and allow for all conditions including the wind.

Consulting with a proven, experienced print company on these factors is always the best way to ensure that your business banner printing will be of the quality you want and achieve the results you need.

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