Wedding vastly looming? Celebrate in style with bespoke save the date cards!

First off, we want to say congratulations! A wedding is one of the best celebrations you can commemorate, so do it in style from the get-go with personalised save the date cards to send to your guests!

So why are they important?

Save the date cards are one of the most important pieces of information you can offer your prospective guests as the special day nears. They offer the when and where’s of your event so that you can ensure that as many of your guests can attend as possible. With everyone returning to work and making plans a few months in advance, sending out save the dates offers more leeway for your guests to book their hotels or days off work. After all, everyone’s schedule should include you and your partner on your day!

Save the dates also ensure that guests feel valued and considered. Having a clearly defined list of guests can make the rest of your wedding preparations much easier, regardless of the point you’ve reached in your planning. For more information please visit:

What about design? Save the dates provide the perfect opportunity to deck out your invites in designs that represent you on your special day. They can be diversified for each individual consumer and offer an element of creative freedom for yourself and for your guests. They can also act as a practice run for your finalised wedding invitations so you can work on personalising your guests experience from beginning to the end. For family members, who have anxiously anticipating the pending nuptials, the save the dates act as a keepsake and memory for years to come so make them as memorable as possible and consider your design!

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