What is a company letterhead used for?

Whether you’re starting up a new company or are looking to re-brand, one of the key things to consider is your business stationery. When joe-public opens a letter from a company, the first thing they will notice is the letterhead; the top of the page, which carries the company name, address, contact details and company logo. A well-crafted letterhead design promotes professionalism and instils a level of trust in the company, further leading to successful business.

What is a letterhead used for?

  • Creating a great first impression to customers
  • Maintain professionalism
  • Build brand awareness and promote company messages
  • Provide consistent branding
  • Show a strong attention to detail

At Yellow Print, we understand the importance of company letterheads and what they are used for. We’ve pulled together some of the reasons why you should be using letterheads in your business:

It could be your first communication – impressions count!

Receiving a letter from your company might be the first form of communication potential customers have received. It therefore needs to create the right impression. As the name suggests, it is at the top of the letter so it is the first thing the eyes will be drawn to. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the letter says if the letterhead design is half-hearted. Attention to detail is everything, and if your letterhead shows care and thought, your audience will believe that level of care and thought is applied to the rest of your business. The same goes if you don’t put in the effort; your audience will believe you don’t put in the effort elsewhere.

When it comes to invoices, employment letters and marketing professionalism is key

Letterheads are required on all business communication, from invoices, to customer letters, to employee letters, to proposals and presentation cover letters, to meeting reports and internal communication between departments, be that postal or electronic. They are a quickfire way to provide all the important information to everyone who open letters from the business. And they create a level of formality and authenticity to the brand.

Your letterheads should represent who you are as a company

Letterheads help to reinforce the company image. Not only does it create a level of formality and authenticity; with the right design it can clearly demonstrate what your company is all about. You can easily represent your core values though your choice of colours and font style. From bold colours and strong fonts, to the use of more delicate elements, you can really create a sense of who you are as a company.

If you want something doing right…

Choosing the right design for your letterhead needs some careful thought and consideration. We at Yellow Print understand that not everyone has the skills or the technology to create their own letterhead designs; which is why we have an in-house team who can help. We can look at the design, the artwork, the set-up, you name it! We can help! Simply email us your brief and/or files and we’ll reply with a quote for the design work. See our design page for more information. 

At Yellow Print we offer a good range of business stationery printing options. From business cards, to comp slips to letterhead printing. We are proud to serve our local community with a high reputation for fast turnaround of job, understanding the brief and eye for detail that is so important in the world of print. So, if you are in the market for some new letterheads, we’ll be happy to help! Give us a call on: 020 8875 0332 or email us: info@yellowprint.co.uk.

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